Wills Trusts & Tax


By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes are actually carried out. It protects those closest to you, reduces the risk of disputes, and can minimise tax.

If your Will was prepared for you sometime ago or your family circumstances have changed it might be appropriate to change your Will.

If you have not made a Will then some relatives, friends, and/or charities may receive nothing from your estate. If you have an unmarried partner then that partner would not be entitled to anything unless he/she took the matter to Court and placed a claim against the Estate.

At Brighouses we are able to advise parents of children/adults with special needs or disability and/or chronic illness as to the management of any funds set aside for the benefit of their children.


We can assist in setting up Trusts (whether by Will or in your lifetime) to ensure that assets are wisely organised & tax burdens minimised. A Trust is created as a form of lifetime planning. Trustees are appointed to hold any assets for the benefit of Beneficiaries.

We can also refer you to Independent Financial Experts for Investment advice, should you wish. We can assist in advising on the appointment of appropriate Executors and guardians.

Standard Costs  
 With the exception of complex Will drafting e.g. Discretionary Will Trusts.  
 Single Will £150.00 +VAT 
 Married/Civil Partnership  £250.00 +VAT 
 (Based on one local interview to obtain instructions and one local appointment to sign your Will).