Bereavement is an upsetting and difficult experience for everyone. For some the initial distress and sometimes disbelief can take a long time to come to terms with. We therefore aim to provide you with a sympathetic and responsive service. We believe it is important to establish a relationship of full dialogue and trust with our clients.

As Specialists in the administration of estates, we are able to take the burden from you at this particular time by dealing with all the legal formalities at a fair cost. This can include, if necessary, arranging funerals and house clearances and arranging the sale and valuation of any property and personal items. We can deal with all tax aspects within the United Kingdom and assist in the disposal of foreign assets if appropriate.

Assistance can be given in obtaining a Grant of Probate and/or Letters of Administration. This is usually necessary to enable the assets of the estate to be realised. The first stages are to obtain a valuation of the assets and liabilities and settle any Inheritance Tax that may be due. After obtaining the Grant we can assist in distributing the estate in accordance with the Will or under the intestacy rules.

If the estate is small enough to proceed without the necessity of a Grant we will of course advise you of the procedure to take.

If you have any queries you wish to raise with regard to this area of law please telephone 01704 534101 or email us.