Civil Litigation

Whenever there is a dispute between individuals and businesses alike, there is always the potential for the conflict to result in court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution.

Our department is experienced in this area and deals with a wide and varied range of cases in both the High Court and County Court in England and Wales and other forums. We will aim to solve any problem as economically as possible.

However, what we would rather do is consider your dispute with you before the issue of proceedings becomes inevitable and advise you on the alternative methods of resolving disputes. There are many which have been devised to act as an alternative or a supplement to Court Proceedings. Following recent major reforms to the Court system a more open and conciliatory approach to resolving difference is evolving.

If conciliation and negotiation are not successful in resolving a matter then the enhanced Court system remains available. We can provide the expertise you need to progress your case.

We undertake work on a wide spectrum including:-
• Consumer rights.
• Landlord and Tenant disputes.
• Faulty workmanship.
• Partnership disputes.
• Contractual disputes.
• Trust Law.
• Misrepresentation.
• Construction disputes.
• Negligence.
• Property disputes.
• Inheritance disputes.
• Employment Law.
• Professional Negligence.
• Human Rights.
• Debts.
• Personal Injury (see our separate page).

There are various ways of funding this work. We will discuss these options with you before we take any steps.

We are happy to discuss your problems and advise whether we can assist. If you would like further information, contact our civil litigation team.